“Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare”

James and the ANM team have invented and filed over twelve patents for the world’s most automated medical visit. To develop the brain of the AI, the AdviNow team developed an AI that reads medical textbooks and reviews millions of existing electronic medical records (EMR). To put it a different way, the AI was put through medical school and then given over 20 years of experience. This same AI was then applied to drafting notes and to scribe the encounter for the provider freeing them to spend more time with patients.

AdviNow Medical’s artificial intelligence will not only transform how patients engage with healthcare providers but will revolutionize healthcare for the entire world. AI and augmented reality (AR) will continue to advance to be used at the clinic, at work, and at a patient’s home. AdviNow’s roadmap promises to make faster and more reliable healthcare a reality in a very short period.

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