Removing the Limitations of Travel to Reach More Patients

Scaling the Provider With True AI & AR

AdviNOW Medical’s first founding objective is to optimize the patient-provider time for diagnosis and treatment while maintaining a personal patient interaction.

AdviNOW automates the symptom and vitals collection, charting, scribing and other activities that burden the provider.

This automation allows the provider to focus on the valuable patient interaction part of the diagnostics and treatment. AdviNOW leverages cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to automate most of the processes in the clinics while maintaining a very easy to use and friendly interface for the patient and the provider. The provider can now efficiently treat patients without feeling frazzled or leaving a heavy workload for later.

Providers using the AdviNOW system see a 75% reduction in the time spent documenting enabling them to focus on what they were trained to do – treat patients.

Expanding Capacity & Capabilities with Artificial Intelligence And Augmented Reality

The Financial Equation: Saving Time x Saving Money = Better Value

Value Creation For Provider, Hospital Network, and Health System

The Financial Equation:
Saving Time x Saving Money = Better Value

The AdviNOW AI system interacts with your patients and builds 80-90% of the patient record for your providers. This enables them to see 2-4 times more patients per day, while improving patient experience and provider burnout.

Our AI system triages patients asking the same questions as your providers and then accurately documents in the EMR, enabling your providers to focus on discussing their diagnosis and treatments with patients rather than acting as a data entry clerk.

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