The Modern Delivery of Care is AdviNOW

Today’s healthcare landscape demands solutions that empower healthcare anywhere while automating cumbersome, complicated systems and processes

AdviNOW does all of that while enhancing the patient / provider relationship, protecting confidential data, and providing accurate, comprehensive chart and lab data when, where and how you need it.

The Winning Formula:

Saving Time = Saving Money & Increasing Care

See how AdviNOW Medical’s state-of-the-art platform can modernize the way you deliver, manage and access care.

Medical Service Provider

Increase Profitability

Clinics increase profitability by over 50% by seeing more patients, more comprehensive medically necessary services and higher patient satisfaction.

Less Time Per Patient Chart

Providers no longer need to be EMR and payer experts as the AI handles all documentation in extreme detail saving 75% of total patient chart time.

Automatically Populates Patient Data Into EMR/EHR

Intelligent Load Balancing

Lower-flow clinics staff are automatically utilized to augment the busy clinics and receive telemedicine calls from home reducing wait-time and increasing the average total network provider to patient ratio.

Automated Discrete Data Collection

An AI augmented medical encounter collects the data used to rank the efficacy of treatment plans and develop a risk profile of each patient while being less intrusive in the patient and provider relationship to receive optimal outcomes.

Seamless Integration into Major EMR/ EHR

The complete automation of the patient encounter on both the patient front-end as well as the provider back-end is used in all point of care scenarios.

Payers, Concierge, and Value Based Care Groups

$30 Per Member Per Month Reduction

Guide patients to the most appropriate point of care:

  • No App to install – access via text message link
  • Up to 70% to teleclinic or retail clinics (connected to primary care)
  • 22% reduction in nonaffiliated higher cost urgent care

Up To 20% Reduction Of Chronic Disease Triggered ED Visit

Manage Patient Care Effectively

  • Increase chronic management compliance and reduce post‐acute care re-admittance
  • Full engagement platform to proactively promote and drive patient compliance
  • Texts reminders for medications, labs and measurements, activities
  • 24/7 access convenience for chronic patients at home, expanded hours near‐home

Up To 20% Reduction In Costs For Population Health

Manage healthcare outcomes for large groups of individual with ease using AdviNOW technology platform.

  • Patient engagement for both acute and chronic conditions
  • Drive patients toward most appropriate, convenient and cost-effective location
  • Proactively reach out to patients for wellness and disease management protocols
    • Accurately document chronic care management and compliance of patient
    • Supports value‐based initiatives with data—severity indexing and RAF Score/HCC
    • Automatically manage care gaps and drive compliance with HEDIS & CMS Stars


Start Access From Any Device

Patients have access to evidence-based medicine that is cost effective, immediate and convenient.

See how AdviNOW Medical’s state-of-the-art platform can modernize the way you deliver, manage and access care

Patient’s presenting symptoms are evaluated anywhere, and the patient is guided to the most appropriate point of care.

AI-driven, proactive patient follow-up leads to increased treatment compliance while automatically closing care gaps.

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