Patient Self-Measurements Vitals With Home Kit or In-clinic Medical Kiosk

Embracing Technology, Evolving Healthcare

Unlike most telemedicine integrations today, the AdviNOW system empowers providers to collect and analyze vitals and other patient data to provide a comprehensive diagnosis.

Our four implementation phases can be used independently or combined to continue improving patient care as your workforce adapts to change.

Each phase below enables you to implement AdviNOW efficiencies from zero change in workflow or training for your team to a full implementation of the AI augmented visit that leads to the highest level of patient satisfaction and workflow optimization.

The few initial changes to your workflow are focused on driving efficiency for your provider by scribing the patient history and automating the intake.


PHASE I: Patient Intake and History Scribe (Scribe)

Our goal at AdviNOW Medical is to integrate with your existing process. The first step begins with the patient at any location (home, work or at your clinic) and requires no workflow change from your staff.

PHASE II: Patient Care Guidance (Triage at-risk patients)

The second step compliments the first step by providing patients with care routing to the appropriate point and type of care for their condition.

AdviNOW integrates telemedicine and the at-home vital measurement kit for the highest level of convenience.

For your clinic, Triage from AdviNOW routes patients to the appropriate level of care enabling your providers to focus their hands-on time to those who need to be seen and touched by a provider.

At-risk patients and COVID positive patients are identified and directed to the appropriate care.

Patient routing available to:

Urgent Care
Retail Clinic
Virtual Care
Emergency Room
In-car Visit
At Home
Contagious Disease Testing Center

Added Benefits:

No touch screening for potential infectious disease

PHASE III: Automated Measurements and Vitals Anywhere

The AdviNOW Measurement and Vitals System automates this process with augmented reality enabling patients to take their own measurements and vitals which are then automatically entered into the patient’s chart saving your medical staff valuable time.

Vitals Captured:

Blood Pressure
Pulse Ox
Heart and Lung Sounds
Ear, Nose, Throat and Skin imaging

PHASE IV: Provider App With Images and Sounds

The final implementation utilizes the provider end-to-end automation web application

Prior to visiting with the patient either in person or on a video call, The Provider Web App allows providers to review:

Patient data including triage data:

SOAP Notes
Vital Measurements
Videos and sounds

The Provider App with images and sounds enables doctors to quickly review all data and make an initial determination of diagnosis before even seeing the patient based on the medically validated information in the AdviNOW web-app.

All patient data are auto scribed and transmitted into the EMR/ EHR exactly how the provider who input them.

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