FOX10 News Coverage of AdviNOW – "Get Your Prescription in 5 Minutes"

Artificial Intelligence Kiosks Providing Medical Care

Inside AKOS Med Clinics at Some Safeway Stores

AI and augmented reality may sound complicated but in actuality, it really isn’t.  If you use Snapchat, then you are familiar with how graphics can be overlay onto an image in real time. We’ve done this with our instructions to show the patient where to place the measuring devices for the AI to assess and acquire these standard vital measurements (heart, lung, temperature, blood pressure, ear and throat images).  These measurements along with other information the patient provides, are sent to the provider to review prior to speaking with the patient, making the medical visit more accurate and efficient.  If the patient is uncomfortable with performing these tasks, the onsite medical assistant can help. To watch the short news clip on this story, click on this link: FOX10 News Clip        ]]>