Future of Healthcare

AdviNow believes that true innovation requires being proactive. AdviNow not only stays on top of current customer needs but always plans ahead for future needs. AdviNow believes their customers are a huge part of the innovation process. They allow phone calls and emails for customer service at all times and have meetings with the stakeholders to ensure AdviNow is meeting their needs or see if they have any suggestions to further improve the product.

Providing customers with a service they didn’t even know they needed yet is our style of introducing innovation, and we let our customers help us innovate,” says James Bates, the founder and CEO.

AdviNow will be implementing their On-Call Solution on many different platforms along with FDA-approved devices to record vitals measurements. AdviNow is discussing many options with other companies to further expand the platform. AdviNow also plans to rapidly grow their company and meet all potential healthcare needs, not only those that appear in an urgent care or clinic-based setting, but beyond this horizon.

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