Global Access

Access to healthcare is an increasing global crisis. The aging population and the proliferation of chronic illnesses are exasperating the existing global shortage of healthcare providers. The shortage in primary point-of-care clinics is especially acute, as the continuing decline of the profitability of primary and urgent care clinics inhibits most new graduates from choosing this important point of patient population health.

The true solution to the healthcare crisis is to dramatically reduce barriers that prevent timely diagnoses, inhibit patient’s ability for prompt care, and prevent management of chronic issues proactively before any medical emergencies can arise. Politicians have attempted to solve this problem; however, the financial limitations and a shortage of providers make the formula impossible to solve within the current system. Now with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and enabling automation, we can truly solve the healthcare crisis. AdviNow Medical, also known as ANM, invented a patient engagement system named “On Call” that delivers healthcare technologies that provide diagnostic, monitoring, and treatment services with the goal of making primary care available for anyone at any time for a reasonable cost. Our “On Call” solution holds the key to minimizing costs and patient wait times while improving patient outcomes and overall population health. This innovation is not only time efficient but remarkably cost efficient

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