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Automatically populates EMR/EHR with discrete patient data accurately and efficiently so providers can work at the top of their license.
Minimize clerical work
More Info → Video calls with objective measurements for accurate diagnosis and billing levels. BEYOND
Not Just a Virtual Consult

Patient Assessment & Routing

Our advanced AI engine makes the access and delivery of care location agnostic in ways that go far beyond a simple video call. With augmented reality, patients can self-measure vitals using a home kit or an in-clinic medical kiosk.  Providers can review patient data prior to the consultation and prescribe additional measurements or labs if necessary.

Leverage True AI & AR With AdviNOW Technology Platform

Our advanced AI, coupled with our augmented reality diagnosis tools, arms the provider with:

Advanced AI-AR

AdviNOW Medical uses true artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to completely automate the medical patient encounter.


44% of a doctor’s time is spent on data entry and up to 2/3 of a doctor’s time on administration.  Only 28% of a doctor’s is spent with patients.  Enhance productive & patient care with AI automation.

Comprehensive Diagnosis

Unlike most telemedicine integrations today, the AdviNOW system empowers providers to collect and analyze vitals and other patient data to provide a comprehensive diagnosis.

Location Agnostic

Our system automates the patient triage/testing process enabling a patient to start anywhere by clicking a link on a website, email, text or directly at a dedicated URL.

Low Touch-No Touch

The COVID-19 era demands that we reduce contact and in-person engagements with patients. But most telemedicine visits are incomplete and lack truly comprehensive care.

Ease of Integration

Our advanced platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow and varies depending on need, complexity and scale.

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You can contact us via the contact form to discuss how to get AdviNow Medical’s Hannah into your practice! You can also call or email us directly.

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Send media and public relation inquiries to Marketing@AdviNOW.com or call Andrea Smiley at 480-560-9214.

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