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Today’s healthcare experience is defined by high costs, inefficiency, and long wait times—all of which limit access to care. Our technology uses Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to transform this reality.

Sitting in front of a computer screen and a rack of simple-to-use, FDA-approved medical devices, patients are guided through self-administered steps to collect data such as weight, temperature, blood pressure, as well as ear, nose and throat images, and chest, lung and abdomen sounds. Questions are asked until the information necessary for diagnostic impression is collected. The total process takes less than 15 minutes. A patient work-up is sent to the healthcare provider with a breakdown of predicted illnesses and treatment options. The provider engages with the patient to confirm the AI-collected information, verify the diagnosis, and confirm or modify the treatment plan formulated by the system.

Every detail of the encounter is automatically charted and scribed into the electronic medical record, saving valuable time, and enhancing the engagement between the provider and patient. The AI also electronically sends the prescription and/or test orders to the appropriate healthcare partner, e.g. imaging centers, pharmacies, etc., and completes the billing process.

Our technology is being used in Arizona urgent care centers and primary care clinics, with a national launch planned for retail store-based clinics. We also have partnerships with Akos, GlobalMed and Valley Perinatal.

Our exciting story is featured in recent editions of Healthcare Tech Outlook, where we were named one of the top 10 artificial intelligence solution providers; and Silicon Review, where we were named one of the 30 most reputable companies of 2018; and Forbes. We have also won Outstanding Achievement in Healthcare Delivery from the 2018 AZBig Media Healthcare Leadership Awards, and AZBio’s Fast Lane Award for our game changing healthcare delivery technology.

Primary Care Partner

Akos’ urgent care facility located in Phoenix, AZ has provided healthcare services to patients from wide demographics and helped fulfill the needs in the community for quick, easy access to medical services. Akos has seen a dramatic change in patient trends, competition and technology in healthcare. Akos took action and developed telemedicine technology that serves as an extension to traditional urgent care clinics and primary care physician practices. Through telemedicine, the virtual urgent care can treat approximately 80% of cases seen in traditional urgent care clinics. Certain conditions seen in brick-and-mortar urgent care centers require hands on medical measurements.  To accommodate patients that require care beyond the scope of telemedicine, Akos adopted AdviNow Medical’s state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) “On-Call” solution in its brick-and-mortar clinic.  The combined power of the Akos telemedicine platform with the AdviNow’s AI is known as AkosLive.

Akos built an advanced platform from the ground up to provide video consultations with patients which optimizes clinical resources and provides enhanced, cost-effective services for patients, employers and payors.  Its adaptability and a robust provider network allows for seamless integration of clients and wide coverage. The video consultation combined with AdviNow AI automates the patient data collection and charting of the patient encounter for the provider enabling efficiencies of revolutionary magnitude.

Why AI?

While traditional telemedicine enables Akos to consult remotely with patients, it often requires a local, trained healthcare staff to help take objective measurements and prepare the patient information for the physician.  This not only increased the expenses associated with the visit but also continues to require extended time involvement for the off-site provider.  The ability for AI to completely scribe and chart the patient encounter allows providers to treat more patients and have more accurate consultations. Akos concluded that it would be most advantageous to install AdviNow’s On-Call automated medical visit system to improve the patient experience and provide the highest quality of care and diagnosis while also reducing the time demands on the most expensive and limited resource connected to the medical visit – the doctor.

AdviNOW CEO, James Bates, Explains Where Healthcare Is Going


James Bates Interview

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