Patient-Centric Healthcare Solution

AdviNOW technology platform puts the patient front and center while reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Less Data Entry, More Patient Time

Time with the doctor is an oxymoron. It’s a relay race from one exam room to the next.  Much of the “patient consult time” is spent annotating rather than engaging.

AdviNOW’s unique approach to healthcare automates the less complicated tasks while retaining the personal time with the patient.  This complete medical encounter automation platform suited for use in the hospital, clinic and home. The solution uses artificial intelligence to automate all repetitive tasks done around patient coordination and encounter activities. The solution can be viewed as the perfect virtual provider assistant (VPA) as it automates every step of the medical engagement like a highly skilled APC would do for the provider and patient.

Patient Care Around the Corner

Value Creation For Provider, Hospital Network, and Health System

Expanding Capacity & Capabilities with Artificial Intelligence And Augmented Reality

Up to 10% reduction in downstream hospital leakage
  • Expand physical store front to every neighborhood
  • Manage patient records across multiple EMR/EHR systems
  • Allow clinics to be scalable with longer hours
  • Seamlessly flex providers between clinics for surge
Enhanced member satisfaction and experience
  • Improve patient experience and convenience by removing actual or perceived barriers
  • Reduced wait time, closer to home, extended hours
  • Effective follow‐up creates a completely closed loop patient experience
  • Payer based continuity of care for cost effective interventions
Fully discrete data for all outpatient engagement
  • Closed loop follow‐up for continuity of care and compliance
  • Have single portal for all clinics to manage patient data regardless of EMR
  • Integrate every clinical episode into primary care EMR for continuity of care

System Wide Cost Reduction For Payers

Future of Healthcare Re-imagined

Up to $30/ member/ month reduction in medical costs
  • Guide patients to the most appropriate point of care
    • Up to 70% to teleclinic or retail clinics (connected to primary care)
    • 22% reduction in nonaffiliated higher cost Urgent care
    • Up to 20% reduced unnecessary ED visits
Up to 20% reduction in chronic disease trigged ED visits
  • Increase chronic management compliance and reduce post‐acute care re-admittance
  • Full engagement platform to proactively promote and drive patient compliance
  • Texts reminders for medications, labs and measurements, activities
  • 24/7 access convenience for chronic patients at home, expanded hours near‐home
Up to 20% reduction in costs for population health
  • Patient engagement for both acute and chronic conditions
  • Drive patients toward most appropriate, convenient and cost effective location
  • Proactively reach out to patients for wellness and disease management protocols
    • Accurately document chronic care management and compliance of patient
    • Supports value‐based initiatives with data—severity indexing and RAF Score/HCC
    • Automatically manage care gaps and drive compliance with HEDIS And CMS Stars

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