We deliver solutions that eliminate friction points in the patient encounter as we create end-to-end efficiencies in the clinic

company history
  • Founded in 2016 to revolutionize healthcare through automation and artificial intelligence (AI), bringing top-tier technology and process design to patient engagement and provider consultation.
  • Our mission is to enable providers to deliver the best on-demand experience while accelerating operations, and are focused on urgent care – an industry that does the same thing millions of times over, and arguably not very efficiently.
  • AdviNOW started in fully automated retail clinics with a medical assistant and remote providers, and built the platform as a digital-first in-person or virtual care that eliminated any steps that AI could augment; however, the “digital front door” is the true problem to solve first.
  • Expanded to a suite of products that work closely together, or work fine as standalone modules – both patient facing white-label solutions and care team-facing.
  • Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, and part of the Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange incubator.

Our Leadership

James Bates

James Bates

CEO and Founder
David Grayson, MD

David Grayson, MD

Medical Director
Steve Thompson

Stephen Thompson

Jake Peterson - Director of Engineering

Jake Peterson

Director of Engineering

Kristin Whitnable

Director of Operations

Carlos Wilson

Sales Director

Team Members and Advisors

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