AI Powered Follow-Up for Superior Care

AI assistant text message follow-up is a must for patient engagement. Ensure a closed-loop system with automated acute and chronic care management, education, and reputation management. Elevate your practice to keep your patients connected and cared for beyond the clinic walls.

Constant Care

Build continuous thread of care between clinics and patients. Ensure a consistent and supportive healthcare experience.

Delight Patients

Creates a seamless and caring experience, keeping patients engaged and satisfied throughout their healthcare journey.

Profit More

Eliminate administrative burden and consolidate vendors. Scale your processes with AI and make your team more efficient and productive.


of people want to interact with healthcare providers with their phones.

Elevate Your Practice

Efficient, personalized patient engagements drives better outcomes without demanding more staff resources. Valuable tips and critical follow up reminders are handled for you while enhancing patient satisfaction. This time saving, closed-loop approach lets clinics thrive now and into the future.

Stronger Patient Connections

Foster stronger patient connections by delivering
personalized reminders and valuable information,
enhancing communication and cooperation in health

Mobile phone shows AdviNOW's post encounter communication text message platorm with chat bubbles between physician named Dr. Wilson. The physician messages the patient to follow up if patient is interested in more information about how to manage blood pressure. The patient says yes and the physician sends a link to an article with information about high blood pressure.
Tablet shows patient remote monitoring landing page and lists the only items needed to get started is an insurance card, cell phone, and driver's license. Various augentmed reality biometric devices are listed to the right of the tablet, indicating AdviNOW's device agnostic platform for remote patient monitoring.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor patients remotely with personalized
text reminders for care compliance and remote
device measurements.

Elevate Reputation

Keeping happy patients connected beyond clinic
walls and making it easy for them to give reviews
 leads to enhanced clinic reputation and more patients.


EMR Agnostic Solutions

Your data is stored in your EMR only.

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