Digital Front Door and Patient Intake

Eliminate 100’s of tasks through patient journey
automation. AdviNOW’s seamless integration with
your EMR allows the digital front door to support all
visit types. From self scheduling and registration to
patient reminders, AdviNOW automates a myriad of
time consuming tasks.

Mobile phone and computer with an arrow showing data automatically flowing from AdivNOW's digital front door into top EMR systems provider interface screen epic, athena, e-clinical works. The text box reads Chief complaint, HPI, ROS charted to your EMR.

AI Q&A and Triage

AI assistant transforms intake processes with
dynamic questions mirroring a physician consultation.
Resulting in consistent charts for every provider with
comprehensive care gaps closure.

Augmented Reality Measurements

Enhance your medical assistants capability to take
precision medical measurements beyond blood
pressure and temperature. Augmented reality guidance
enables collection of images and sounds for lung, heart,
throat, and ear exams.

Tablet with arrows indicating where symptoms and example diagnoses populate into AdviNOW's physician application one page summary for easy access to decision support.

Decision and Coding Support

AdviNOW’s AI assistant condenses patient data
into a one-page decision support summary,
featuring rank ordered illness examples correlated
from patient data and backed by peer reviewed literature
. Empower providers to make swift and informed decisions
with streamline coding support.

AI Assistant Scribe

AdviNOW AI assistant scribe handles SOAP note
creation and charting, freeing providers from time
consuming clerical tasks that take attention away
from the patient. Empowered providers prioritize care
over burnout, ensuring better patient experiences
and better outcomes.

Mobile phone shows AdviNOW's post encounter communication text message platorm with chat bubbles between physician named Dr. Wilson. The physician messages the patient to follow up if patient is interested in more information about how to manage blood pressure. The patient says yes and the physician sends a link to an article with information about high blood pressure.

AI Post Engagement Communication

Close the care loop and increase patient satisfaction.
Automated AI driven text message follow up and
reminders for acute and chronic care, education, and
reputation management.

AI Frees the Provider and Improves Each Step

Help More

Increase patient throughput up to 2x while decreasing provider burnout. Spend more time with patients and less on paperwork.

Save Time Verifying Data

No more back and forth with Physicians. All patient visit data is curated and consistent in the EMR.

Profit More

Eliminate administrate burden, consolidate vendors code at appropriate levels, Scale your processes with AI and make your team more efficient and productive.


EMR Agnostic Solutions

Your data is stored in your EMR only.

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