Urgent care Solutions

Eliminate 100’s of manual tasks throughout the
patient journey. Increase patient satisfaction, per
patient revenue, and provider efficiency.

Primary Care Solutions

Self scheduling registration that collects illness
data and closes care gaps. Eliminate hundreds of
other manual tasks throughout the patient journey
including scribing HPI/ROS directly in the EMR.

Speciality Solutions

Solutions tailored to any specialty. AI assistant
ensures every patient is fully registered with your
practice’s unique workflow.

Hospital and ER Solutions

AI assistant delivers a triage solution that supports
all lower acuity patients. Automating 100’s of manual
tasks reduces patient wait times and frustrations while
also improving throughput.

Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Solutions

AI assistant supports FQHC’s need to treat the
whole patient by closing care gaps and collecting
comprehensive data to improve patient outcomes.
AdviNOW supports FQHC with special pricing tiers.

Independent Practice Solutions

Create consistency throughout the patient visit to
maximize revenue. Less no shows, coding and MDM
level support with automated workflows will improve
your bottom line.

AI Frees the Provider and Improves Each Step

Help More

Increase patient throughput up to 2x while decreasing provider burnout. Spend more time with patients and less on paperwork.

Save Time Verifying Data

No more back and forth with Physicians. All patient visit data is curated and consistent in the EMR.

Profit More

Eliminate administrate burden, consolidate vendors code at appropriate levels, Scale your processes with AI and make your team more efficient and productive.


EMR Agnostic Solutions

Your data is stored in your EMR only.

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