Painless, Profitable Patient-Provider Engagement


As a patient, navigating healthcare can be a daunting task. Our mission is to meet patients wherever, and whenever they need care. Removing friction points through consumer on-demand care has proven to be a centerpiece for patient satisfaction. With AdviNow’s white label end-to-end solution, we make it easy for your office to delight patients and increase efficiency.

Make Your Patients Happier
  • No login required
  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Check-in via Text
  • Multi-lingual
  • SMS Patient Communications
  • Downloadable Calendar Appt
  • AI Chatbot
  • Virtual Consultation
Make Your Life Easier
  • No downloads, web-based solution
  • White-labeled solution
  • Writes directly to your EMR
  • Scans important docs (license, insurance, etc.)
  • Customizable workflow
  • Enterprise scalability
  • AI triage on intake
  • Post-visit follow-up via SMS
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Just some of the many features

Scheduling & Check-In

Patient concerns don’t start when they arrive at the doctor’s office. So AdviNow let’s your patients start the registration process wherever, and whenever. Whether it’s by specific appointment time or next-available wait queue, Advinow’s mobile text check-in makes scheduling easy.

EMR Agnostic

By integrating directly into your EMR, AdviNow is able to help patients and providers adjust to scheduling changes, download documents from or scan documents like driver’s license, insurance cards or credit cards into your system, and update patient history or symptoms in real-time.

Patient Communications

Dynamic capacity and scheduling updates between front desk, provider and patient via two-way text messaging. No app download, no fumbling to remember a username or passwords. Just one click away from care.


With AdviNOW’s white label solution, we make sure that your patients are focused on your business, not ours. This includes customized workflows, client domains, and more.


Our AI-powered chatbot cross-references patient input with our extensive database of illnesses to suggest potential treatments for the provider – either before or after the patient begins registration.

Virtual Consultations

Real-time video conferencing between patient and provider, along with sync or async texting capabilities during telehealth visit. Information from visit stored directly to EMR, with optional AI intake that enables provider charting in under 3 minutes.

EMR agnostic solutions. Your data is stored in your EMR only.

Solve your patient friction points with AdviNOW

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