AI Assistant Gets To the Root of the Visit Reason

Gather comprehensive patient history before the visit. Patients tire of excessive questionnaires. AdiNOW’s AI assistant mimics a physician’s thought process by asking only essential questions.

Train Smarter

AI assistant will triage patients to the most appropriate type and level of care, increasing patient satisfaction and provider utilization.

Create Consistency

Patients arrive with full HPI/ROS charted. All patient visit data is curated and consistent in the EMR.

Increase Throughput

Up to 2x increase while decreasing provider burnout. Spend more time with patients and less on paperwork.


of patients arrive fully registered. Visit reason HPI, and ROS ready to review in your EMR.

Features Built for You and Your Patients

Supercharge patient consultations with AdviNOW’s AI assistant Q&A. Instead of vague inquiries, confirm precise symptoms like sore throat, sharp pain, cough, and fever before appointments, ensuring comprehensive patient insights for efficient visits.


AdviNOW’s AI assistant creates a Q&A experience
that mimics a physicians brain. Asking only the questions
 needed to truly understand the patient’s needs.

Mobile phone with an arrow showing data automatically flowing into AdivNOW's digital front door into AdviNOW's physician application on a laptop. The laptop shows a Patient Summary Page and the text box next to the arrow reads "AI Assistant Q&A Provides Example Illnesses."

Elevate Your Practice

Customizable self service intake collects patient
information and triages to the appropriate level of
care with minimal resource requirements. By assessing
responses and symptoms the AI assistant reduces
scheduling challenges for patients and clinics alike.

HPI and ROS in Your EMR

Welcome patients with pre-charted HPI and ROS,
saving time and facilitating empathetic interactions
from the start.

Mobile phone and computer with an arrow showing data automatically flowing from AdivNOW's digital front door into top EMR systems provider interface screen epic, athena, e-clinical works. The text box reads Chief complaint, HPI, ROS charted to your EMR.


EMR Agnostic Solutions

Your data is stored in your EMR only.

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