Reduce Provider Burnout

Imagine a world where documentation takes care of itself. AdviNOW is the only platform that collects data throughout the entire patient encounter to automate charting at the end, allowing doctors to prioritize patients. AdviNOW’s AI assistant scribe is here to alleviate burdens, reclaiming precious hours lost to clerical work. Experience less burnout and more humanity.

Ensure Consistency of Care

Improve provider note quality, and reduce potential liability with complete evidence based care documentation for every patient.

Save Time

All patient visit data is curated and consistent in your EMR.

Profit More

Eliminate administrative burden, consolidate vendors, code at appropriate levels. Scale your processes with AI and make your team more efficient and productive.


Clinics that use AdviNOW can see up to 2x the number of patients per hour and actually interact with each patient more when clerical burdens are eliminated.

Elevate Your Practice

Our AI assistant scribe revolutionizes healthcare by automating documentation and charting, easing the clerical load on providers and preventing burnout. This shift enables them to prioritize quality care delivery. Clinically, it means enhanced coding accuracy, boosted revenue, reduced EMR upkeep costs, minimized noncompliance risks, and the capacity to accommodate more patients without additional hiring

Freedom from Clerical Burden

Unlock physician potential with our AI assistant
scribe, automating tedious documentation and
charting to free up providers time and mental
energy. By swiftly converting patient encounters
into detailed SOAP notes, we empower
doctors to practice at their fullest potential, 

unburdened by administrative tasks.

Tablet showing a completed SOAP note draft with an arrow pointing from the tablet to a laptop. The laptop shows a top rated EMR with the information in the SOAP note populated into the various corresponding field within the EMR. Showing the ability for AdviNOW ai scribe assistant to chart encounter data through EMR integration.
Tablet showing a completed SOAP note draft. An arrow points to the SOAP note and reads: "Structure fo Auto Chart" implying AdviNOW's ability to integrate into any of the top rated EMRs including Athena, Eclinical works, and Epic.

Increased Capacity and Revenue

Transform your clinic’s efficiency with automated
documentation, enabling the handling of more
patients without overburdening staff. The outcome?
Enhanced profitability and sustainable scalability for
your practice.

Reduced Exposure to Audits

Documenting care is complicated. But accurate
notes are essential to avoiding penalties. Our AI
scribe flawlessly navigates evolving regulations to
mitigate audit risk, providing peace of mind while
doctors focus on patient needs.

Tablet shows a AdviNOW physician app page with MDM-level guidance for coding decision support. Color-coded E&M level guidance for easy visual review.


EMR Agnostic Solutions

Your data is stored in your EMR only.

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