AdviNOW mentioned in newly released “2023 Hype Cycle for Digital Care Delivery Including Virtual Care” by Gartner

AdviNOW Medical, an emerging leader in the AI/AR healthcare space, is pleased to announce they were included in Gartner’s annual “Hype Cycle for Digital Care Delivery Including Virtual Care” release published in July.

The report focuses on how healthcare providers are adjusting strategy and operations in response to business drivers, such as cost optimization, increased consumer expectations, clinical staff shortages and new funding models. For many, the transformation of clinical care is at the heart of a new strategic plan that is enabling a shift from traditional care venues, to digitally enabled clinical services and business models. This shift comes as new market entrants, such as retailers and digital giants, offer a range of digital-first direct-to-consumer health and wellness services. 

“We’re excited to see the continued adaptation of our platform across hospitals and clinics all across the country and in several parts of the world. The continued issues like staffing shortages, burnout, and patient satisfaction are a universal problem. We’ve seen that AdviNOW’s product has really helped curb these issues in the clinics and hospitals in which it is utilized,” said AdivNOW CEO James Bates.

Founded in 2016, AdviNOW Medical uses artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to completely automate the medical patient encounter to eliminate administrative burden at the front desk and enable doctors to work at the top of their license. Both the patient and doctor experiences are augmented with AI and AR to nearly eliminate repetitive tasks and allow the doctor to focus only on the decision of diagnosis, treatment and the patient consult. This automation reduces total provider time-per-patient that increases clinic throughput velocity and reduces patient wait times while maintaining the personal nature of the patient-doctor consult. The AI assures each patient has an exact and personal consistency of care to assure the most appropriate care coordination and optimal outcomes which leads to increased patient satisfaction. AdviNOW fundamentally reduces the cost to run existing clinics and is a common platform to drive point of care to the home. This invention promises to revolutionize healthcare for the entire world so every person has access to affordable care.