Security Information

What is AdviNOW Security?

AdviNOW security is established based on a layered approach by three partners. AWS as the cloud service provider protects the underlying infrastructure, Cleardata as the security layer and AdviNOW as the application vendor.

AdviNOW Data Protection

AdviNOW’s cloud computing provider AWS is responsible for protecting the underlying infrastructure of the cloud, Cleardata is responsible for monitoring traffic to predict attacks to maintain HIPPA and Hitrust certification of the infrastructure and AdviNOW is responsible for protecting the application workloads and data.

Logging and Monitoring in AdviNOW

AWS, Cleardata and AdviNOW provide the detailed logs if needed for all access, attempted access and data transfers of traffic in and out of the application. We offer many options to report, detect events, receive notifications, and respond when they occur.