Webinar: Healthcare Anywhere – The AI Success Story

Dr. Kishlay Anand: Co-founder of Akos MD, a leading telemedicine and workplace care provider, board-certified cardiologist and electrophysiologist James Bates:  CEO and Founder of AdviNOW Medical

  Summary Today, our guest experts discussed how true Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality can play a vital role in helping providers sustain, thrive and profit in the COVID-19 era. Using a successful implementation of Artificial Intelligence combined with telemedicine and Augmented Reality, our experts demonstrated how a single platform seamlessly unites video calls, retail medical establishments, and traditional clinics.  This example showed the power and benefit of AI to deliver care more safely, accurately and efficiently from anywhere.

What was covered:

  1. A quick recap of how the current delivery system hurts providers big and small
  2. Explore how powerful AI engines automate patient diagnosis and intake, patient processing and billing
  3. Detail how AI and automation technology can reduce costs, and at what scale, for various areas of practice
  4. Explore a real world example of AI and AR in an active retail clinic in a supermarket setting
  5. Q & A with our experts

  In case you missed it, you can stream after registering with the link below: